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  • Media Quotations

We have been quoted in a broad range of leading financial media and news agencies both regional and wordwide. Among these are Bloomberg, Reuters, Direct, Borsen, Berlingske, EPN, Erhvervsbladet and TV2 - the leading danish TV-station within financials news. 


  • Publications & Assignments

In the period 2005-2008 Nordic Bio Investor published "BiotekAnalyse Weekly", a weekly financial stock research publication covering the public Danish Life Science sector.


At the same time through external media partners we have published our research reports from 2006 and forward.


In total we have released more than 200 publications during a six year period.


For our clients we have also carried out a range of individual consultant assignments since inception.


  • Clients

Our list of clients includes  Life Science Investments Funds, Capital Funds, Public & Private Life Science Companies, media, stock brokers and professional private investors.


  • Market Calls

Nordic Bio Investor has since its inception in 2005 made a range of correct market calls for individual stocks, and notably calls that have often been contrary to the view amongst institutional analysts.


We have been the most precise and reliable forecaster of the development in Genmab, the largest public biotech company in the Nordic region.


In the automn 2006 we correctly called that Genmab would land a huge deal on its lead antibody Humax-CD20 and that the stock would hit 400 DKK per share. The deal with GSK worth 2 billion USD was announced in December 2006 and the stock hit 424 DKK per share intraday.  


After release of phase III data for Humax-CD20 in CLL in the summer of 2008 we correctly called that the data was disappointing and we downgraded our peaksale estimates of the drug in the bloodcancer indications, while other analysts maintained their peaksale.


In december 2008 we suggested that the autoimmune program for Humax-CD20 was worthless as long as a intravenious formulation was maintained. We suggested that the intravenious phase III development in RA would be dropped and we lowered our Share Price target to 125-150 DKK. At the time the stock was trading at 330 DKK per share. The Intravenious program in the autoimmune indications was finally dropped in 2010 and replaced by a more convenient subcutanious formulation.


In June 2010 we published a report suggesting that GSK still saw value in the Humax-CD20 program and that the phase III data for Zalutumumab in Head and Neck cancer was (and still is) misunderstood by the market. We suggested that Genmab could be bought out by GSK at 150-200 DKK per share while the stock was trading around 50 DKK per share. The stock soared 33% on the day due to our analysis (see Bloomberg link below). Just 3 weeks later GSK and Genmab signed an amendment to the original Humax-CD20 deal which provided Genmab with a cash injection of almost 1 billion DKK on favorable terms, confirming our analysis that GSK still sees great value in the Humax-CD20 program.




Furthermore Nordic Bio Investor has delivered correct markets calls in other leading Nordic biotech stocks such as NeuroSearch, Bavarian Nordic, TopoTarget, Affitech and LifeCycle Pharma.


Also we have with good accuracy covered Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck - two of the leading pharmaceutical stocks worldwide.   


Especially our calls on NeuroSearch has gained market attention and has had huge impact on the stock price, as our view has been contrary to the view of all other analysts:


In the spring 2007 we suggested in a report that NeuroSearchs proclaimed blockbuster drug in obesity Tesofensine was worthless due to a harmful cardiovascular profile (increase in blood pressure and heartbeat), similar to the "twin drug" Sibutramine which was already on the market at the time. Our analysis was called nonsense by the management team at NeuroSearch (se link below) but never the less, our analysis proved 100% accurate and here three years later Sibutramine has been removed from the market due to a confirmed harmful cardiovascular profile causing heart attack, stroke and death in the patients and development of Tesofensine has been ceased.




In february 2010 the NeuroSearch stock soared 200% and the market cap increased with almost 2 billion DKK following release of seemingly positive phase III data for the drug Huntexil in Huntingtons Disease. Following the data all institutional analysts raised their targets on the stock. However Nordic Bio Investor again came up with a contrary view after we did  a thorough data analysis (see Reuters link below). We concluded that the data was very weak and clinically not meaningful in terms of efficacy, and we lowered our share price target to 46 DKK per share while the stock was trading at 181 DKK per share.  Only months later NeuroSearch revealed crucial flaws carrying out the original data analysis and they instead concluded that the study was a failure statistically. Since then the entire management was been removed from the company, and the stock has dropped more than 60%, supporting our early view of the disappointing data.







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