About Nordic Bio Investor


Nordic Bio Investor (formerly known as BiotekAnalyse) is the leading provider of market surveys and independent stock analysis reports covering the entire Public Life Science sector in the Nordic Region.


With our unique analytical skills and innovative approaches to stock research we have over the last six years established our research reports as the most reliable and precise within the professional analytical segment covering the Life Science Sector in the Nordic stock market.


Our reports have a significant impact on the stock price upon release, and we are often quoted in leading financial media.


Nordic Bio Investor have recently expanded our activities to the entire Nordic region, by establishing coverage of a large number of Life Science stocks in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Nordic Bio Investor is based in the middle of Medicon Valley, one of Europes largest Lice Science clusters, covering eastern Denmark (Copenhagen) and south western Sweden (Malmo and Lund).   



Contact info


Nordic Bio Investor

Roennebaervej 10, 209

2840 Holte, Denmark


CVR-number: 30007808


Phone: (+45) 45 42 09 03

Email: info@nordicbioinvestor.com


Peter Aabo, Analyst and Executive Editor of NBI Insight

Mobile: (+45) 23 27 59 54

Email: pa@nordicbioinvestor.com


About Peter Aabo:

35 years, Master in Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School. 11 years of experience in Life Science Investment. Unique analytical skills gathered through personal investments in Nordic, American and Canadian biotech & pharmaceutical stocks. Peter Aabo has since the foundation of Nordic Bio Investor in 2005 published more than 200 official publications to clients.




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